Gove County Advocate Photo Page
Here are pictures that the Gove County Advocate Paper gave me to use with their permission. Some were extras that they did not print in their paper. Thank you
Gove Co Advocate - Guy GoveCoAdv.print- Oct 16, 2002
Pictured is: "Guy," Jaden Sherfick, daughter of Randy and Stacy Sauer Sherfick and Kristina Sauer.  This picture was taken on Sept 29, 2002 at the Kansas Western Horseman's Association State Finals (printed in Gove County Advocate)
This paw print left in the mud in Howard and Mischell Sauer's pasture measures approx. 6 1/2" by 6 1/2" and is believed to belong to a tiger (caption under picture printed in Gove County Advocate on Oct 16, 2002