More articles from PLAINVILLE TIMES, THURSDAY, JUNE 1, 1916


Codell Notes

          Our weather nowadays consists mostly of rain, then hail, then sunshine, then wind.  Last Sunday about eleven o’clock a little cloud passed over and gave us quite a shower and considerable hail.  Monday afternoon another shower and hail.


            After the cyclone swept Werner Overholzers barn away the boys killed 281 rats.


            John Hoskins had a blacksmith shop blown away in the cyclone and some of the tools have not been found yet.  1 vice bolted to a 2 x 12 plank blew away and up to Monday was not found.


            We forgot to mention last week the damage done by the cyclone at Art Besseys.  It tore around pretty lively among his machinery, windmill, etc, also damaged his house pretty badly.


Twister Notes

          Wilber Overholser was up from Codell vicinity Tuesday attending Decoration Day exercises.  He reports his damage from the cyclone not over $50.


            Frank Jones was up from Corning Township Wednesday.  He says he does not believe anything could have stood in the direct path of the twister which was a rod or two wide.  At his place he thinks the main force passed between the barn and the pond.  At John Hoskins it seemed to divide one part going each side of the house.


            The big tree has been cleared from the road past the Hoskins place but the auto is still sticking to the side of tree.


            Mr. Jones finds his fields for several hundred yards wide all covered with debris and it is quite a problem how to get rid of it.  He now thinks of using a harrow and dragging it into piles.  He found the radiator cap of Mr. Hoskins car out in the middle of his field.  Boards with nails in are scattered all over the fields making it dangerous for horses.  Many things were driven into the ground so deep it is impossible to pull them out.  He will have quite a time clearing it and was in town looking for a man to help him.


            Jean Lesher calls us down for calling the storm near Codell a “cyclone”, and makes a good case against us by quoting Webster’s dictionary.  We will compromise if when Jean gets his cyclone cave dug he will call it a twister cellar.


Notice For Bids

          Bids for repainting school house 43 x 48 feet, 25 feet high, paint furnished by board, will be received up until noon Saturday, June 10, 1916.  Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids.  For further particulars write.  R. W. Gilpin, director,  Codell, Kansas.