Gove County Advocate

Quinter, KS 67752 Vol. 104 – Wed, Oct 16, 2002 – Number 33

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Paw print believed to be tiger

You can tell Howard and Mischell Sauer, Collyer that their horse "Guy" ran into a barbed wire fence and then died, or you could tell them that wild dogs killed their horse, but they aren’t going to believe it. Apparently, specialists from K-State won’t either. They are convinced that tracks left by the animal that killed their horse was a tiger. Yes, a tiger. Possibly an African lion, but most likely a tiger.

The paw prints measure 6 ½" by 6 ½" and it’s obvious from hoof and paw marks in the pasture that the horse had quite a struggle before its demise.

"Guy" had fang marks in his nose that measured 3 ½" apart. Officials said that a mountain lion’s paws and fangs are not nearly this large.

Tigers roam in a 200 sq. mile area and some speculate that this is a tiger that has escaped from human owners. Howard Sauer was told that a tiger raised in captivity would have a tattoo number.

Tigers can grow to over nine foot long and weigh over 800 lbs. The prints found at the Sauer’s match those made by a tiger. A tiger will eat some 80 lbs at a feeding. Howard stated that the horse probably fit that amount of lost meat from its neck and front shoulder. He also said other people in the area have lost livestock with questionable deaths.

Obviously the Sauers would like to find the tiger. Their horse had been in their family for some 15 years. In Howard’s words, "he helped raise all of our kids and lots of other people’s kids. A photo shows the Sauer’s granddaughter on the horse. He was used at the Gove County Rodeo to run cattle back for several years.

If anyone sees tracks similar to the one pictured, Howard would be happy to come look and verify that they match or don’t match what was found at their place. His home phone (with recorder) is 1-785-769-5219; cell phone is 1-785-635-7538.


*Picture is on Gove County Advocate photo page*

A letter to Anyone Who Cares:

We recently had an incident with our most wonderful horse Guy. We turned two horses out to pasture, and only one of them came back for grain. My father (Howard Sauer) went over the hill and found our 19 yr. Old horse Guy dead. He had put up a fight, but whatever was out there that night got the best of Guy. We called the sheriff’s office to see if we could get someone to investigate the scene. You know what the answer was? "IT IS JUST A HORSE." He might be just a horse but something killed him and he did not die in peace. He was murdered. I do not care how other people feel about this, but Guy was more than a Horse to anyone that personally knew him. I’m sorry but that horse was just like a kid to my parents. He was the most wonderful Horse that anyone could ever own. People around the town that have attended the WaKeeney KWHA horse shows would have known this horse. A lot of town kids asked if they could ride a horse. My mother (Mischell Sauer) would say, "Yeah sure you can ride the black horse GUY." Anybody could have ridden this horse, but he is no longer with his family North of Collyer. We ask for everyone to lay this horse down in peace.

Kristina Sauer