Saline River Tiger

Plainville Times

Thursday, August 26, 1999

Front Page

Headline: "Tiger Sighting Prompts Interest, Help from Texas"

Reports have surfaced concerning a sighting of a Tiger cub in the Saline River area south of Plainville and efforts are on to save the Tiger.

According to Bill Bowman (this should have been Paul Bowman), a Tiger cub was sighted on August 2 on a bridge along the Saline River by Mike Langholz. The cat, reportedly the size of a medium to large dog was orange with black strips with a white face and chest and had a tail approximately two feet long.

According to a written statement by Langholz he was driving across the bridge and was approximately 20 yards from the cat which was heading north, then it turned east at the end of the bridge.

A non-profit organization based in Tyler, TX. Has been contacted and has sent a representative to the area to confirm the sighting.

A partial large paw print was found, however, the rain-washed area where the print was located washed away a portion of it.

According to Brian Werner, executive director of Tiger Missing Link Foundation, American Tiger Registry and Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge in Texas his representative believes the print is that of a Tiger.

Ellis County Sheriff Ed Harbin could not confirm it was a Tiger, but does confirm the report by Langholz and that there is a large paw print. He is not saying, it is not a Tiger, but he or his officers have not seen it for themselves.

Both Harbin and Bowman report the Tiger is not a threat to the public.

According to both Bowman and Brian Werner representatives from Missing Tiger Link Foundation will be traveling to the area shortly in an attempt to humanly snare the animal.

The snaring of the animal is referred to as an emergency rescue. Chris McDonald of Peabody, Kansas, a regional representative of Missing Tiger Link and an authority on Tiger and Big Cat owner himself is gathering equipment and snare for the rescue.

Werner and Bowman advised this is a Tiger cub and not an experienced hunter. A cub this size and age would be unable to hunt any larger animal such as deer or cattle. Its mainstay would be turkey or fowl and frogs.

Harbin reported officers will be patrolling the region. He also noted no trespassing on private property is allowed and will be enforced.

Bowman reported a "Save the Tiger Fund" has been established at United National Bank in Natoma.

Although representatives from the Missing Tiger Link are paid no salaries and there is not a fee to rescue the Tiger cub, there are expenses incurred such as the equipment and snares. Arrangements have been made for housing and meals while the crew is in the area, but there are still expenses.

This is a non-profit organizations that is dedicated to work for tiger conservation, education and preservation.

Once the tiger cub is rescued it will be transported to itís new home in Tyler, TX. The organization reports indicate it will cost approximately $2,400 for the next 20 years to feed and care for the Tiger. It will be given refuge in a natural habitat area.

Anyone wishing to contribute toward the expense of the rescue and to earmark funds for future care of this Tiger cub may do so at United National Bank in Natoma.