Tiger/Cougar/Bobcat Sightings & Other Notes

Numbered incidents match up to this map I made


  1. Mid July 1999- Tiger was seen by John D. (person refuses to talk about) He was fishing near Dickey Dam. He heard a noise, looked up across river and saw a large tiger looking at him, he looked down at the gear near his feet, looked back up and the tiger was gone. He told Dan Dortzweiler about it in mid-Aug. 99, Dan told me, Jackie. We tried to get him to tell us more, but he has refused to talk about it.
  2. 1st week in Aug 99 (believe 2nd-4th)- Chris Cochran saw around 12:30am a tanish w/black strips cat about the size of a german shepherd dog, in the glow of his headlights, run from the drive of Herb Simpson across the road to the south. This is near what most of us know as Simpson Bridge.
  3. Aug 2, 1999- Mike Langholz saw on the (Richmond/Stein or Big Bridge on Codell Road) His words: I left our house, about 12:15 pm. As I turned the corner to head towards Codell, I saw on the bridge, what appeared to be a large cat, I thought great; Iím going to see a bobcat or mountain lion. It was looking down at the ground or floor of the bridge; it looked up when it heard me. I saw orange with black strips and a white chested area. As I got onto the bridge, it started going north on the bridge, kind of loping like run. I think I was about 20 yards (football yards) from it, when it turned east at the end of the bridge, when I could see itís sides and tail. It looked about the height of our Dalmatians and 2 Ĺ ft long. I could still see that it was orange with black strips all over. With white on itís face and chest. It went down into the weeds. I went on to Codell.
  4. Approx. Aug 10, 1999- John Lowry (oil pumper) told Paul Bowman of his gauging pre dawn and seeing unbelievable eyes Ė set wide apart, He said it could have been the devil himself.
  5. Aug 18, 1999- Paul Bowman found pug mark, measured 5 7/8" from toe to heel. On Aug. 21, 1999 (Tiger Creek) TMLF came and measured the pugmark, also spent time following fainter pugmarks. He stated the following, 1. 300-400# cat made pug mark while walking down river which is common 2. Track was far too large for cub seen on bridge 3. Most likely mother escaped while pregnant. 4. Believe cub to be 8 Ė 12 months old and Tiger seldom have just one cub.
  6. Aug 26, 1999-News article printed in Plainville Times concerning the Tigers. Also during this time frame- Chris Frank of KAKE (ABC)News Channel was out to do a report with Mike & Chris McDonald on the Tiger sighting. It aired on TV, (I received a copy of the show from Chris Frank on Sept 21, 1999)

    Aug 28, 1999- Ellis Co Deputy Dreher brought John Johnson from Russell Co (who owns Tigers and Cougars) to look at track. He believes Mike, but says those tracks could be bobcat or cougar print- He also brought a photo album of cougars, bobcats, and tigers, showed them to Mike, then pointed to a cat that had strips on tail & spots on body. Asked Mike Ė "Isnít that what you saw?" Mike looked and said Ė "Mine didnít have spots." John then went through more pictures, Mike pointed to one and said Ė "Thatís what mine looked like." Mike was pointing at a picture of a young tiger. When Mike did that, they just shut the photo album and wouldnít show us anymore.

    August 31, 1999- Frank Smith & his wife Peggy arrived around Noon and Brian Werner of Tiger Missing Link arrived here around 9:30 pm. They are all staying here at my family farm. Brian told us that from what he could find out, that from a couple in CA (that was to come get Tony Pfeiferís Tigers) that they didnít get them all. The one they didnít get was the Bengal that was pg .They wouldnít say whether it got loose while they were loading, they just said they didnít get that one.

    September 1, 1999- 7:30 am meeting with Mel Madorin, KS Dept of Wildlife & Parks; Brian Werner of Tiger Missing Link of TX; Frank Smith, Cat Expert; Paul Bowman, Codell and me (Jackie Langholz) met and discussed the Tiger situation.

    Brian W also had interview/discussion with Radio Inc & Kays/Khaz and then also the Hays Daily News was out to do a interview with Brian, Frank & Paul and also take pictures. (Reporters that came were Juno Ogle & Steve Hausler) After all this we went walking looking for evidence of a Tiger along the Saline River.

    September 2, 1999- Spent the day walking and looking for evidence along Saline River. Hays Daily News had their article in the paper. Radio had a report.

    At the end of Labor Day Week-end, everyone left.


  7. September 1999- Believe 2nd week in Sept., Ray? With tree trimming crew working for Power Company, they were near the bridge by Brumgardtís topping trees when below him a tiger ran under and across the road. He started shouting at the rest of the crew to head to where the tiger ran into the brush. No one would. Ray said of course the rest of them didnít see it, and that he took a lot of ribbing about seeing things. He said it was hard to describe since he was up in the basket, but that it was large and it was a tiger.
  8. October 99- Mike Younger of Hays (owns property by Dickey Dam) Says he saw it off & on thru the year, catching glimpses of it. (This was told to me by him July 12, 2001,see July12, 2001 notes)






    Jan-March 1, 2000- Nothing going on about Tigers. Been very quiet.

    Mar 24, 2000 Ė No Tigers, but do have 3 bull snakes that have moved into my basment.

    April 1, 2000- Rained all last night, fixed main horse pasture fence all day. Still having troubles with water well pump.

    April 4, 2000-CoCo has Equine Rhinomonitis (sp) Gave her shots

    April 6- Another dam bull snake in basement, also found horses werenít where they belonged. Something spooked Nika, she ran through wire gate, has minor cuts, doctored her.

    April 10, 2000-Horses are both doing great.

    April 28th-Got to finally meet Barbís boyfriend, John

    May 1-rain, rain, roads are the pits, need 4/wheel drive to get around

    May 9th-found snakeskin in basement, it was huge. (hope this one doesnít hang around)

    May 25,26,27,28,29-Family reunion at McKinley Farm-Camp out- Val watched horses & farm while gone.



    May 2000 (Memorial Day Weekend)- My (Jackie) horse was attacked by something. On her right side (if you were on her) she had cuts that were not quite ľ" deep. 4 cuts about 1" apart on her lower chest along upper leg, 1 long gash across the side of her belly, and 4 cuts on her hip, and on her upper hind leg. Note: Our two horses no longer like to go graze in the north end of our pasture.

    June 1-20th-Not much going on, just taking care of horses.

    **-July 2000 Ė Paige Wilkerson, 8yr old daughter of Dave & Shelly Wilkerson, stated that she saw the tiger. She was riding with her Dad in their van, on the Codell Road, headed

    South, they were on the bridge when she looked out the window of the van and down into the river bottom. She states that she saw the tiger walking in the river. This would have been on the west side of bridge (same bridge that Mike L. saw the cub on in 1999)

    ***-August 2000- While I (Jackie) was riding my husband horse, I had no problems with her while I rode around the inside farm area, also in the fields to the south and to the west of the farm yard. It wasnít until I tried riding her north of the farmyard. We were fine until I tried to get her to go through a gate on the very north edge of our pasture and down into the river bottom. She didnít want to go, we did a lot of circles and minor bucks, before I got her to go forward. I rode her down towards a sandbar; we did a quick ride around the sandbar area and back towards the gate. The whole time she was stepping fast and kept moving her head back and forth. As soon as we got back through the gate; she slowed to a walk and her head stopped going back and forth. I rode her more around the other fields and farmyard area with no problems of her acting up.

    ****-October 2000- My brother Bruce Slimmer was here for a visit, while sitting in our dining room, we heard a noise, looked out the bay window, and saw 2 bobcats, running in the pasture, across the driveway in front of our house.

    2000- (Canít remember exact month)- My son Mike followed a bobcat along our creek, from just north of the barn, to in front of our house before he lost track of it. (It makes me wonder why we are having bobcats up close to the farm yard area, when they have always stayed to the north on the river bottom area.) We have also had lots of deer and wild turkeyís in our farmyard this year. (Deer have been right in front of house (have pictures of this) and the turkeys have been up near the granary/garage area)






  9. June 6, 2001- Kim Shoemaker, Geologist, was headed east on the Saline River Road, just east of the Cress Bridge, when he saw something in the road. It was around 8:30-9:00 pm (dusk). As he got closer he saw that it was a very large cat with a long tail. He said he couldnít verify that it was a tiger, but as big as it was it could only be a cougar or a tiger, it defiantly was a cat, and it had a long tail, so it wasnít a bobcat, plus it was bigger.
  10. June 17, 2001- Dave Wilkerson (colorblind) was down on the river, below (north of) our (Langholz/Slimmer) place fishing. As he was headed back to his place (west) (approx. 8:30-9:30 pm, dusk) he saw a very large stripped cat go into the weeds. (Near the corner of our fence and Garyís car/vehicle graveyard) Dave headed towards where he saw the tiger go, the tiger came out of the weeds a little further up, it slowly walked across in front of Dave and then disappeared into the weeds. Dave said it was larger than their white german shepherd, it was gray colored with dark/black stripes and had a long tail and it was defiantly not afraid of him.
  11. June 26, 2001- Virginia Slimmer and Jackie Langholz, had driven over across the river (north) to look at a creek crossing. We had pulled up on a rise looking over the creek crossing (this is a creek located on the north side of the river, on our farm) we had both just looked out the side windows of the pickup to make sure that we wouldnít step out onto rattle snakes. (12:33 pm) We both looked up, and a tiger walked into our line of view, approx. 25í in front of us. It was walking from south to north along the creek bed. It walked for a ways before it stopped and turned its head toward us, it stared at us for a bit, then turned itís head back and walked on up the creek out of sight. Virginia says that it was approx. 300#, orange with black strips, white on itís face and chin/chest, with a very intelligent look on itís face. She saw pointed ears. Said it was probably about 30" tall. She never noticed itís tail. Me (Jackie) I say it was approx. 4í long from nose to butt. With the tail being about half that length, making it a total of 6í. It stood at itís back about crotch height on me, which would make it around 30" tall. Itís coloring was what I would call a beautiful burnt golden orange, with black strips, it had strips on itís tail, several strips on itís back legs, very few or faint strips on itís front legs, the strips on itís back/sides were larger at the top going to narrow down to itís lighter/almost white belly. When it looked at us, it had white around itís eyes, white around the chin area and a white chest area, the ears did look pointed when it looked at us, but I believe this was due to the way the hairs/fur was laying, because when it turned back and walked away, the earís were dark/black rounded with white spot on back of each ear. Itís tail was doing a slow, gentle whoosh back and forth when it was looking at us. It did have a very knowing (intelligent) look to its face, beautiful markings, to me kinda gentle, not mean look. Also almost a "Where did you come from type of look". After looking at us it, just slowly walked on north up the creek out of sight. (I forgot to look to see if I could tell whether it was male or female) There is no doubt in either Virginiaís or Jackieís mind that it is a Tiger. Later that afternoon, Jackie along with her son, Mike (approx. 4:30pm) went back to the creek crossing, looking for pug marks to cast. We couldnít find any good oneís. We were able to track the tiger for approx. ľ mile before we lost itís trail. None of the prints that we were following were good enough, plus they were in shallow water/sand of the creek. You could tell when it walked down the middle and following it when it went to different sides of the creek. We lost its trail when it got out of the creek. The creek banks only have about an inch to 2-inch soft area near the water; the rest of the banks are very dry and very hard. (Itís even hard to find a deer track in this hard ground)


June 28, 2001- I called and talked to Frank Smith about seeing the Tiger and some of the other things that have occurred. He believes that this is the cub, grown up. And that it was probably the cub that attacked my horse in May 2000. He also told me more about what to look for, and to not get discouraged as it may take a lot of time and looking for me to find something. He also told me that when I was ready to set snares, he would come (of course for a fee *g*)

July 7, 2001- was at the very northwest corner of pasture. Found an area about 6í by 8í of smashed down grass, with a few large turkey feathers and a little dried blood on the ground near the edge of this area.

July 10, 2001-Emailed Brian at Tiger Creek, then Brian called me on the phone. I told him what all has happened. He would like to help save the tigers. Also I am to send him a map showing all the sightings. He also told me what to look for, try to get pictures, possibly get either small calf, goat, pig and stake out, could probably get pics that way.

(I would like to see if I canít find either trails that the tiger is using or any evidence, such as feces, urine smells, scratches on trees, or scrapes beneath trees or pugmarks, before trying to go to the cost of baiting) If neighbor looses any cattle to old age, may see if I can use that as bait)

July 11, 2001- was told by Shelly Wilkerson about some tracks they found near an old oil tank, which is located by my north pasture fence, by the gate that I rode the horse through. I went and checked them out. They are very old tracks, made approx. around June 12-17, 2001. The reason for this is because of our weather at that time. We had rain off and on during that time frame. Tracks are like small cereal bowl size depth, approx. 5-6 inch across, canít tell if made by a tiger or a bull, too washed out. Also near there I did find coyote tracks, coon tracks. About 12í from that area, found some feces, had rabbit fur, deer fur, and berries and small seeds in it. There wasnít a lot. It looked like dog/cat type in shape only it would have been from a very large dog or cat. This is all near the area where I found the turkey feathers. Approx. 40í. I also looked around for any trails; there were 2 that were to small, had to be made by either rabbits or skunks. Then there was a larger trail, either made by deer or larger. To dry for any tracks, could only go by the way the weeds were. This is all near some large cottonwood trees, which are to big around for my arms to encircle. One still standing live and another down across the fence. I checked them for any scrapes or scratches but couldnít find anything.

I also got to thinking about the neighbor to the west that has two horses. Iím always seeing the horses standing on a knob in the hot sun, never down under the trees, where there is grass and shade (which is near the river that runs under the Stein/Big bridge where Mike saw the cub in 99, Paul found the pugmark) Our temps have been running in the 100ís during the day and high 80ís to 90ís at night, why would they stay on a knob with no grass? May need to go down and check under the bridge and the sandbars along there.

July 12, 2001-Mike Younger owner of Younger Electric of Hays, who owns property by Dickey Dam stopped by. He had been told by Troy Schrader (Fish & Game Biologist) about my seeing the tiger. Mike Y. saw what he described as the tiger spariadicly through out Oct 99 and into 2000. He said, he & his sister also made cast of pugmarks he found on top of Dickey Dam to north & west (that sandy area) he believes it was around May/June of 2000, according to him they are definitely the size of tigers. He also has found the tiger in what he calls his barn twice during the time frame of November 2000 and Jan 2001. He said it was a definite tiger face (he was about 5í from it) it ran from him. He said that it was approximately 4í from nose to butt, the tail approx. 2í or so long. Looked tanish/brown with strips & blotchy strips. He is putting down in writing all that he can about his sightings & dates to give to me> I never have received anything from him.

July 28, 2001-Bought ATV w/4whl drv

August 9, 2001 Ė 4:15am- Heard several (moans) about 5 total, they sounded like they were coming from the northwest of our house, along the river bottom. If you ever heard a bull bellow, that is what it sounds similar too.

Aug 7-18, 2001- Dan D. saw what he says is a lynx, it was too big to be a bobcat, at least that he has ever seen. It was near Garyís sandpit, it came out of feed field, looked at him then walked on. He described it as cougar height, spots & strips as markings, long hair tufts on end of ears. (Dan use to have a Cougar)


August 25, 2001- 8:00 am Shelly W. heard 4 moans near their old limestone building nw of their house on the creek. Mom and I also heard the moans from our place.

Oct 6, 2001-Coon on deck at midnight. Penny Died

Oct 7, 2001-Sent Penny & Coon to K-State. (results came back-distemper) had to give all other dogs shots

Nov 2, 2001-Mike almost hit an elk cow just below King Hill around 10:15 pm, he got stopped just in time- The cow just stood in the road in front of him and looked at him over the hood of his truck.

Nov 3, 2001- Mike & I checked with Pruterís (not missing any) found out Zeiglerís have also been seeing elk for about the last 3-4 days, one is a very large bull elk in the fields near their house.

Nov 19, 2001-Shelly Wilkerson saw a cougar (full-grown) around 5:30 pm by large draw south of Percy Dís, it went across the road in front of her north-to-south, she stopped and backed her van up so that her headlights would shine on the cougar in the pasture. It just looked at her before walking on off.


Dec 16, 2001- Mike found his deer, below is what I wrote to Charlie Lee

We are going to have to do something and I would rather do a cage than use the leg snares that I have.

We have less turkeys and deer than we use too. Also my son shot (with a slug, on the run) a large deer, it was just at sunset (on the north side of the river, near where Mom & I saw the tiger) My husband, brother and son (Mike) was all there. They lost sight of the deer, just shortly after Mike shot. Mike called me on the radio and told me to come and bring my spot and flashlights. We all spent time looking for the deer and couldn't find it. We finally stopped looking about 9-10 pm. Mike and I decided to look the next day when we could see better (daylight)*G* He and I searched and searched (even trying to find blood) we couldn't find anything, so had finally decided that he hadn't hit the buck well enough. A few days later Mike was down on us on the south side of the river. He found what was left of the deer. He brought the head/rack back and then he and I went back to the carcass. We found where the deer had been brought across the river, across the sandbar and up the bank.

Here's the interesting part:

where the deer was brought across the river, it was laid down near the edge, where it bled. Then we were able to follow the scrape's of it's antlers across the whole sand bar, then when you went up the bank and into a mossy area with trees, we found where the deer had been laid across a limb (that had fallen off a tree, approximately 3 foot off the ground) where the deer bled more. Then probably about 6-7 feet away we found the whole carcass. All that was left was hair, bones that had been cleaned completely of meat and of course the matter from the intestines and of course there was the head before Mike removed it. We searched around the area trying to find clear tracks of the cat, but all we could find was rounded tracks that were approximately 4-6 inches across, depending on the earth that we found them in. And none that would prove it was a large cat.

I know that it had to be a very large cat, so we either have a very, very large cougar or it is the tiger. I really think that it is the tiger, as I feel that if it was a cougar, there would have been more drag marks (leg/hoof, and or body drag marks) in the sand than just the marks of antlers every little bit.

Cat Sightings 2002


Jan 18, 2002-Charlie came by with live cage, Mike and I took him and pointed out the spots where tigers have been seen, also where the tiger had carried the deer, after showing him everything, where the blood stains and antler drag marks were still frozen in place and looking at the deer head, he said that it had to be the tiger and not a mountain lion (cougar)

Jan 19, 2002- Don (my husband) saw a cougar in front of Percy Dís house around 8:30 am (Believe this is the same cougar that Shelly W. saw in her headlights a few weeks earlier, just south of Percyís along a large draw)

Jan 20, 2002 talked to Brown at Rolling Hills Refuge of KS about tiger, He wasnít interested.

Jan 22, 2002- called and talked to Richard Gilbreath of Tx about tiger. He was interested but couldnít do anything.


Feb 1, 2002- Charlie came and brought his ATV, he, Mike and I went out on ATVís tracking didnít find anything, hardly any tracks of anything wildlife Ė strange?!

Feb. 9, 2002- Don saw a large full grown bobcat in the pasture in front of our house, (tiger must be back on the river)

Feb 12, 2002-Fire on Beach Ranch pasture to south 6:15 am. Called Kenny-told him fire in your pasture south of us, he said ok, hung up and headed this way with firetruck. Between Don, Mike, Kenny & I we had the fire out before the Fire Marshall got here.

March 12, 2002- All been quiet- Mike & I attended Storm Spotter Class in Hays

April 10, 2002- Still quiet- won court case against Cornett

April 15, 2002- Fire at Pruterís, mostly just grass and tree damage

July 21, 2002- Alls been quiet, Fire behind Turkville, also at same time fighting that fire another fire started at Metz/Comeau property west across highway. Mike and I followed Kenny/Irvin to that one, it was a small elec short grass fire. Put out immediately. Mike and I headed back to Turkville fire.

Aug 15, 2002- West Nile getting bad- gave horses their first shots (still cats are quiet)

September 20,21,22, 2002- Worked Midwest Deutsche Oktoberfest

Oct 3, 2002- Tiger killed horse of Howard S., Collyer, Trego Co, KS. Wildlife Department went, they wonít state that it was a Tiger. A few days later, Charles Lee was there. Tracks measure 6" across, eyeteeth/puncture marks on horse 3" apart, walking stride length measures 30" to 38", according to Howard, you can see where the tiger came out of the brush to attack his horses, where it first got the horse. It broke the horseís neck.

Oct 10, 2002-Howard said the Tiger came back and tried to dig his horse up, from where he had buried it. There was a large trench dug, with paw prints (pugmarks) that measured 6 Ĺ " across and 2" deep in the freshly dug soil. Howard has also been able to follow the trail of the Tiger, where it came in his yard, along evergreens, and along his home.

Oct 17-20, 2002- Two sightings reported of a very large cat seen near Ellis, KS

Oct 28, 2002-Date that I talked to Howard S & Charles L about the Tiger occurances at Howardís home and the killing of his horse. Charlie told me gut feeling is that it is one of our Tigers from 99. He also stated that from the evidence seen, that it could only be a full-grown Tiger or a full-grown African Lion. It is NOT a cougar or bobcat. Also talked with Tom B of Gove County Advocate, he was there, he saw everything and also took pictures. His paper ran a newsreport of this. (I need to get a copy of this). Howard also told me that others in the area have lost cattle, but by the time they found them, there was not enough left to tell what got them. As was in 1999, they all stated that the Sheriffís department and the Wildlife department are not stating that this is a Tiger, and they want everything kept hush-hush. I bet if they lived along the Saline River where the Tiger has been seen, they would be singing a different tune, and want something done about the Tiger, especially now that there is proof that the Tiger is attacking and killing domestic livestock. My big concern is that I and some friends tried our best to rescue a mother & cub tiger in 99, with no help from the law/wildlife people. Now we have for sure a full grown tiger, possibly two full grown tigers along the Saline. (if it sinít Tigers, the only other thing the cat could be is a full grown African Lion, per evidence) And now one is hungry, killing domestic livestock, and walking along a persons house. Do the law/wildlife people need someone (human, child/adult) attacked, injured or killed by the tigers before they will do something? They donít have to practice their so called 3-S rule (shoot,shovel, shut-up) they could work with us, instead of acting like they are better, know better than us and treat us like a bunch of fools.

Roger Hrabe contacted me about putting links on Rooks County Website to my homepage, concerning the information/picutres I have about Codell.

Oct 29, 2002- put a call in to Mark Grey, Wildlife biologist based out of Webster, wanted to talk to him about Tiger. No answer, left message

Also sent email concerning Tiger to Jerry Moranís office.

Nov 1, 2002- earthquake at 5:11 am (5:08, per Denver/Golden USGS office) sent me rolling across floor in my deskchair, lost internet contact, checked for damage. 5:26 am got back on computer, sent email and filled out a form to USGS

After shock felt in Codell a little after 8 am, called Mom she also felt it along with neighbors on river

Nov 2, 2002- 6:01 am small after shock (Don & I both felt it)

Nov 3, 2002 - **(talked to Laura Bruce Nov 16,) She told me that around 3 am she heard the growl of a cougar, she looked but couldn't see it, but knew it was near her yard fence.

Nov 6, 2002- Call from Eric Depperschmidt of Jerry Moranís office, wanting to talk to me about my email concerning the Tiger. Gave him names & ph #ís for Howard S., Charlie L, Mark G, also told him about Tom and paper Gove Co Advocate, and about all that has been going on with the Tiger and the law enforcement people and the wildlife department. Also called Howard to let him know he might be getting a call from them.

Nov 6, 2002 - **(talked to Laura Bruce on Nov 16) Laura stated that today Nov 6, Wed around 7:45- 8 am, she saw a full grown cougar north of their house, approx. 150 yds away near their tree line, this is all just south of the Saline River.

Nov 7, 2002- Called Eric, he hasnít talked to any one yet. He is going to contact the National Wildlife Department to find out who we can get with and to also let them know what is going on with the Tiger situation.

Called Tom B, set an appointment with him, for Tues Nov 12, for Mom and I. Also called Howard, would like to get with him at his farm.

Nov 12, 2002 - Mom (Virginia Slimmer) and I went to Quinter, met with Tom and Marcia at the Gove Co Advocate. Shared information about Tiger with each other, picked up news articles to put on website, also Tom gave me cd w/other pictures of tracks that they took but didn't print, to also use. Then we went to Collyer to see if we could look at Sauer's farm. Howard & Mischell weren't there but they said to go ahead and look around. Looked and walked area around their house, other farm buildings and walked the evergreen tree belt. Also looked at track that was nearest the home still covered by bucket. It was too indistinct by now, but still looked like what I have seen on my property (and I and Mom both know that we saw our Tiger and where we saw it) no doubt in my mind that what the Sauer's had was a Tiger.

Later Mischell called, she will be sending me copies of the photo's they took around their farm and pasture, so that I can put on website

Nov 13, 2002 - Talked with Western Kansas World, they are sending me the article that they printed too put on my website.

Also was told that a neighbor about 8 1/2 miles west had a cougar in their yard going through trashcan a few days back. (Need to contact them and check this out)**see notes on Nov 3rd & 6th

Nov 19, 2002- Mom was told that there has been tiger/s seen on the Saline River near Sylvan Grove. Need to check on this.

Nov 21, 2002 - Bill E.(Vine) called to tell me on 11/20 approx. 7:30-8 pm he was doing his usual oil lease/pumping job, when in his headlights about 100 yds in front of him, he saw roundish in shape, red/orange in color eyes shining, they were 8-10" apart, approx. 2-3 ft off ground. He also told me that in the last year, the mule deer herd of 20 that hangs in that area is now down to 8 mule deer. He also saw what he knows was a coyote about 300 yds away. The eyes were between him and the coyote. This lease is on the Saline River. He was unable to see the animal that had these eyes, but he did say that he has never seen eyes like this before.

Nov 2002 - Bill E. found out that people near there have large wolfhound type dogs, that they use to protect their livestock. He believes that is the eyes he saw.

Dec 2002 - Received a phone call and a e-mail from two different people telling me that the Tiger has been killed. We three are trying to verify, but no one is talking.

Cat sightings 2003


Jan to March 2003 - Nothing concerning mountain lions or tigers. I have noticed that the bobcats are no longer coming up to my farmyard area. Believe they are back down on the river bottom, which means the tiger is not in this area. I'm starting to believe that the Tiger killed near Collyer was the cub (male) and that the mother has moved east towards Sylvan Grove area or has died, but if she didn't die, there is that possiblity that she and her son could have mated. Time will tell.

April 2003 - Article in the Council Grove Republican called PLAINS FOLK by Jim Hoy. Mentions the Tiger. See link.

Cat sightings 2004-2009


2004 - 2009 - Very quite, only a few have reported seeing mountain lions (cougars) and of course several bobcats. There was a report of someone from the area between Stockton and Hill City seeing a tiger, but by the time I heard about it, it had been awhile. There was also a report of a Barber Co, KS landowner killing a mountain lion in November of 2007.

2009- Cats on the move again.

2009- this past year, west of Codell, it was reported that one neighbor lost two calves and even though they didn't see it happen, they believe it was cougars that got the calves.

September 27, 2009 (Sunday)- Connie Austin was mowing in her yard, in Codell. She spotted movement near the bridge; she stopped and watched a full grown-very large bobcat cross the road from the east ditch and then he went into the west ditch, and disappeared into the trees.

-October 12, 2009 (Monday)- A hunter took photos of what has become known as the first verified mountain lion in the state of Kansas since 1904. The pictures were taken from a tree stand in the area NW of Wakeeney in Trego Co, KS.

October 29, 2009 (Thursday)- During the daylight hours: Alan Austin and his grandad, Allen Gosser were busy helping load the 1951 GMC Coach Bus onto the Heritage Transport Truck, which was hauling the bus to MN. They had been going back and forth with equipment and vehicles on the Codell Road; between Allen & Donna Gosser's farm and Lee Smith's area (in town). They were in the pickup headed south on the Codell Road in Codell, when they saw a very large bobcat cross the road at the bridge. Alan A stopped and they watched the bobcat disappear into the brush along the Salt/Paradise Creek. (One month after the other sighting at the bridge, same cat?? or possible mate??)

November 8, 2009 (Sunday)- During the daytime - Dan & Linda Zeigler were pulling a portable cattle pen with their pickup. They turned north onto Cathedral Avenue from the Saline River Road. On the first knoll, they had to stop because of another pickup parked in the road w/doors open, blocking their way. The hunter carrying bow/arrow came running to shut his doors, when the bobcat (full grown) came out of the field and crossed the road in front of their pickup and then disappeared into the other field. They went on their way.

November 9, 2009 (Monday)- Approximately between 10 and 10:30 PM, Mike Gaschler with/American Eagle Drilling LLC was headed to the drilling site of an oil well for Mikol Oil LLC on the Gayle Richmond land in Sec.27-10-17 Paradise West Township of Rooks Co, KS (just east of 22 Road). He turned north from the Saline River Road onto 310th Ave in Ellis Co, KS; as he neared the bridge (located at the bottom of a large hill) that crosses the Saline River, he saw three sets of eyes on the road; shining in his headlights. He thought he was probably looking at bobcats, the cats turned, headed west into the trees along the bridge and he could see that they were cougars. The one he could see clearly and they were approximately 18" tall and had long tails, and looked gray colored in his headlights; the tails had approximately 2" of black on the end. Mike then stopped, got out his flashlight (wishing he had his spot with him) and shined the light toward the trees where the cougars had disappeared. All he could see were three sets of eyes shining. (My thoughts are he was either seeing 3 cougar cubs or a mother and 2 cubs, from what he told me on the phone.)I (Jackie) also put a call into Charlie Lee about this and he was going to give Mike a call. <9> November 18, 2009 (Wednesday,6:05am)- I (Jackie)was leaving my driveway, turning west onto the Saline River Road, when a bobcat (young & small) came out of our field on the north, went thru the ditch and onto the road in front of me. It was looking at me as he slowly walked across the road in front of my van approximately 10' away. He then went into the ditch on the south and thru the fence into the Schmeidler field. I lost sight of him at that point.










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